Monday, 28 February 2011

February Film Round-up!

  1. Tangled
  2. The Dilemma
  3. Black Swan
  4. Paul

Umm.... Yeah. That was it.
Bad >.<

College stuff has kept me at home.
Friday, 18 February 2011


Instead of my usual 'stay in bed until my dad gets home' on a Friday, today I had breakfast. That in itself is a wonder since I never eat breakfast. This morning, though, I made porridge. Poured in the milk, popped it in the microwave and wandered back to the living room while I waited for that little digital beep that meant I could enjoy my oaty mush. On the way, I caught sight of my legs in the mirror. I wasn't wearing pyjama bottoms because I couldn't find them before I went to sleep and was too tired to hunt them out. I noticed the indents in the sides of my thighs, indicating that I have some kind of muscle. What can I say? It looked good. I smiled. I was quite proud of this. It was quite strange, especially since I'm rather self-concious of my legs. Pondering, I checked out my stomach. I could make out the lines of those muscles too. Just slightly, but they were there. I smiled again. My hair was a bed-mess but, goddammit, that worked too.

To summarise that, I thought I looked good, despite having just crawled out of bed. This is a milestone for me. I never think I look good. Was my mind still clouded by the haze of sleep, or was it because I wasn't wearing my glasses and I was ever so slightly out of focus?
Or was it that I actually feel good about myself?

I like to think that it's that last one and I'm regaining my self-confidence after I had it ripped away from me so brutally a couple of years ago.
And I think I know what, or, rather, who has sparked this.

But yes. I heard the beep and went to retrieve my porridge. I stirred in some brown sugar and a dollop of honey, watching it change into some sweet, warming tone of beige. I carried it back into the living room and smiled again at the mirror on the way past.
I think we're friends now.
Sunday, 13 February 2011

Blood on my Sleeve

I've not blogged in a while. Egads!
The fact of the matter is that I've been far too busy doing nothing. Yupp. Nothing.
Yes, I've done the odd bit of college work and yes, I've done a bit of writing, but that's about it.
As a result, I've got nothing to blog about.

Well... I could post up what I've written.
Yes. I'll do that.

It felt like such a cliché, and perhaps it was. The rain beat down on the freshly-made corpse, water running into the smashed skull of that dear friend of mine. It couldn't wash away the blood, there was far too much. It just made the puddle spread even faster. I crouched down and looked into his face. He was forever going to have that look of shock on his face, the shock of realising who I was and that I was going to kill him. Poor bastard. I almost pitied him. He had deserved it, of course, but nobody especially wants to have their head bashed in against an art installation. I looked closer. I thought I saw his brain, perhaps, almost pulsing out through the cracks, his hair matted with blood. It was almost beautiful. He had always boasted about his brilliant brain, and there it was, just sitting there, useless.

I could hear people walking down the street behind me, their drunken cackles filling the air. It must have been past three by now. I decided to make my way home before my creation was discovered as they would surely discover me along side it. I sighed. I would have liked to revel in my revenge a little longer, but it wasn't the most sensible option. I cleaned off my leather gloves in a nearby puddle, pulled them off and stuffed them into my pocket. I could finally take my mask off; it was getting quite stuffy in there. I untied it from the back of my head and fastened it to my shoulder. That's when I noticed that my victim's blood had splattered up my sleeve. Such a bother. I'd have to wash my coat before anybody noticed. Oh well. Time to go home.

As I walked, I pulled the playing cards out of my second pocket and thumbed through them. Six cards missing. I flicked through until I found the five of hearts, separated it from the others and held it in my mouth as I put the rest away again. I got to the top of Linthorpe Road pretty quickly and stopped to look at the bells. Hell's Bells, I had heard them get called, since they were arranged I such a way that resembled a pentagram. If I'd wanted to be a little more poetic, I should have lured him here. Such a shame that I hadn't thought of it sooner. I shrugged. Too late now. I took the five of hearts in both hands and tore it in half, right through the middle and threw the pieces to the ground. Nice and symbolic. The fifth person on my list of the ones who tore my heart apart. And mind, probably. Even at this point, I was pretty sure that I'd gone mad. Or maybe they'd all gone mad and I was the only sane one left. I preferred the second explanation, of course. My actions were perfectly justified. I wasn't a psycho-killer. I wasn't just murdering people at random. They were the ones who had performed the 'insane' actions.

But, yes. The torn five lay on the ground under Hell's Bells, the rain darkening the jagged edges. I smiled at this, wondering if people would connect the ruined five to the corpse by the Bottle of Notes. Probably not. Even if they did, they wouldn't know what it meant. There's no way they could connect this to me, either. Nobody had seen me. Nobody knew I was going out. I hadn't gotten a bus or a taxi. I hadn't done anything sick like take a photograph of my work, and the combination of the very fact that my coat was red and the pouring rain was soaking into it meant that the blood could barely be seen. Oh, I'm far too clever for this world. I knew I'd have to take all the playing cards down from my walls when I got home. If someone did try to connect me to all of this, they would be a dead giveaway.
Dead. Nice pun.

I turned and carried on walking down Linthorpe Road. Right down the centre of the street. The only cars out at this time of night would be the occasional taxi, and I could easily jump out of the way of one of those. A smile grew across my face as I remembered a song I had been listening to that evening. I began to hum the tune as I walked, then danced along. I twirled, the tails of my coat spinning out around me, and I began to sing.
He had it coming,
he had it coming. He only had himself to blame...”
The drunkards were just ahead of me, and they gawped at my joy.
“If you'd have been there,
if you'd have seen it...”
There were screams from the direction I had came from. Someone must have spotted my handiwork. I smiled again. Perfect timing.
“...I betcha you would have done the same.”


Please, please leave me some comments! I kind of want to finish writing this story of murder and revenge...

Thursday, 3 February 2011

January Film Round-up!

  1. The Season of the Witch
  2. The Green Hornet
  3. Morning Glory
  4. Hereafter
Only 4 films last month. I'm slacking!

Going to have to at least double that in February. 

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