Thursday, 31 March 2011

March Film Round-up!

1. Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son
2. The Adjustment Bureau
3. Gnomeo and Juliet
4. I am Number Four
5. Unknown
6. Rango


From the first time, dancing to 'Stripper'

After some shenanigans at Bad Medicine Rock Club, I can cross another thing off of my list.
After pole dancing to mOBSCENE by Marilyn Manson, I think I can safely say that I've performed on stage. 
Even if it was just a little stage.
I did it a few weeks ago too, but I'd just completely zoned out. I wasn't aware of the world beyond the tiny stage area. This time, though, I was completely aware of what was going on. Probably got a confidence boost after last time.
  1. Get a degree in Entertainment Design Crafts
  2. Join the circus / Form my own troupe
  3. Follow a band/musician around the country
  4. Go to a music festival
  5. Visit America
  6. Go on a road trip
  7. See Insects vs. Robots 
  8. Become well known for something
  9. Perform on stage
  10. Have an unusual pet
  11. Travel the world
  12. Go to Burning Man
  13. See 50 films at the cinema in a year
  14. Be in a photoshoot
  15. Be an extra in something
  16. Get a job
  17. Move out of parents house
  18. Be in a Nerf War
  19. Sell something I’ve made
  20. Climb a mountain
Sunday, 27 March 2011

100 (mostly) irrelevant facts about this blogger

1. I should probably be doing college work right now, but I am, as you can tell, procrastinating. I'm quite good at that.
2. I am currently studying Entertainment Design Crafts and will (hopefully) specialise in costume.
3. I dream of being a 'proper' circus freak.
4. I am a little circus freak though; I do static trapeze, flowersticks, staff, hooping and stilt walking (although, none of them very well).
5. I like zombies; zombie films, zombie games, zombie books... I'm even writing my dissertation about zombies.
6. I have a dodgy shoulder. It messes stuff up a lot, like trying to meet college deadlines.
7. I've been studying Art & Design (by choice) for nearly seven years.
8. I often feel like I don't belong here.
9. My hair is purple and has been as such (or a shade of red) since 2007.
10. The walls of my bedroom are covered in posters, photos, gig tickets, flyers, other things of the like and chalk writing.
11.  ... and a chalk drawing of my 'creepy jester', which has been there for about four years.
12. I have a tiny obsession with jesters.
13. ...and playing cards. The fact that the joker often resembles a jester is just fantastic.

14. My favourite playing card, however, is the Jack of Spades, and I relate to it in a rather odd way that I will not get into.
15. I own two (or three) bass guitars, but I'm not so good at playing them.
16. I used to play the violin as a child. I can't remember anything now.
17. I always wear my ankh. Always.
18. The majority of my socks are knee-high or over, and the majority of those are striped.
19. I hardly ever wear makeup (except when I'm going out)
20. ...and when I do, people think I'm trying to impress someone.
21. I may come off as being hyperactive at times, but away from my friends, I'm as calm as anything.
22. I'm extremely loyal to the ones I love the most, and would go the extra mile for them if I had to (or just could, for that matter...).
23. I love dressing up.
24. I want to go circus-gypsying around Europe. Possibly next year, possibly not.
25. Whitby Goth Weekends are my favourite events of the year.
26. I like to buy things for people. It makes me super happy to see them smile when they get a gift.
27. I cosplay occasionally, but I'm not amazingly into it like some people.
28. I have five pairs of New Rocks, all of which are second hand.

29. Every second that I'm not with my love, my heart aches.
30. I feel wrong if I'm not wearing any black. Unless I'm playing dress up.
31. It pisses me off so much when people get so over-dramatically shocked when I wear 'colour'. Yes, I felt like wearing blue/green/red/whatever. What of it?
32. My longest relationship was one year, nine months. For over a year of it, I despised my partner.
33. ... And when I see them now, like I did on Friday, I panic. A lot. I shall not mention why, however, as I could rant for hours.
34. Unless something horrible happens in the next four days, the relationship I am in now will my second longest.
35. I play video games now and then, my favourites being Left 4 Dead, Silent Hill and Final Fantasy games.
36. I am a little bit of a music addict.
37. I listen to, among other genres, Industrial, Electronic, EBM, Gothic Rock, Dark Cabaret, Victoriandustrial, New Age, Rock and various types of Metal.
38. I prefer reading 'Young Adult' books because I find that the pacing can be so slow in 'older' books.
39. I tried to read Dracula once. It dragged far too much for my liking. 
40. ... the same with Lord of the Rings. I just couldn't get into it.
41. I don't want to learn how to drive. If anything, I want a motorbike.
42. I have photos of me circusing as a child. My favourite one is the one of me with a flowerstick.
43. I like wearing masks. The creepier the better.

44. My mum describes me room as 'A serial killer's bedroom.'
45. I like hats. Yes I do.
46. I want to be in a proper photoshoot at some point.
47. I mostly wear band t-shirts.
48. I do not own any skirts or dresses and have very little desire to do so.
49. ... as wearing them makes me feel uncomfortable.
50. I have far too many clothes that I never wear. I should probably fix that.
51. I'm probably part goth, part 'alt' (whatever that is...) with a little bit of hippie thrown in.
52. ... Though, I like to use the term 'Cirquepunk', but I am yet to have a good enough collection of clothes for that.
53. I have two phones. Apparently, that's weird. I think it's necessary. 
54. My room is almost perpetually messy.
55. I think wolves are beautiful creatures, but their howls terrify me.
56. I love watching films.
57. ... I saw about 80-ish films at the cinema last year. £400+ worth.
58. My favourite genre is Psychological Horror.
59. I'm pretty well traveled within the UK, having had many holidays around England, Scotland and Wales.
60. Out of the UK, however, I've only been to France, Cyprus and Sweden.
61. ... but this year, I'll be adding Finland and (hopefully) Belgium to that list.
62. I love having the house to myself when my parents go away on holiday, but I get lonely really quickly.
63. I quite love that point you can get to with alcohol where everything feels wonderful, but I hate being drunk. I especially hate when I get myself like that accidentally. 
64. ... but luckily, I tend to sober up in about half an hour.
65. I love IKEA.
66. I used to be pretty damn clever, but then I decided that I would rather be an artist. My heart just wasn't in all that mathsy sciency stuff, regardless of me being good at it.
67. I have only ever failed two subjects - GCSE French (because my teacher put me in for the higher exam and I clearly wasn't good enough for that) and A2 Chemistry (because of the aforementioned point).
68. I cannot do forward rolls. Well... I can, but 99% of the time, I freeze up just as my head gets near the floor and I can't go any further.
69. I also cannot do backwards rolls, cartwheels or anything of the like. Some circus freak I am...
70. I am, however, fairly good at leaning backwards.
71. ... I cannot, however, touch my toes. bending forwards is not my strong suit...
72. I'm pretty damn sure that dreaming is just a person seeing the lives of other-dimension versions of themselves.

73. I cannot walk in heels. Or flip flops.
74. I like the people who are the people who I like. That's all there is to it. Sod all the straight/bi/gay thing.
75. I wash my hair with either Happy Hippy or Tramp from Lush. I have not used 'proper' shampoo (or conditioner, for that matter, except for that stuff that comes with hair dye) for months.
76. I have so many things I want to make for me to wear, but, where I live, if I wore any of them, it's likely that I'd have things thrown at me by passers-by.
77. I love button badges.
78. I am a very sleepy person.
79. I hardly ever brush my hair. It's quite a shocking event when I do.
80. I am English, not British. I have nothing against Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, I'm jus not from there.

81. I follow no religion, but I am occasionally Discordian. I believe mainly in the power of the Cosmos.
82. If I meditate on things, I often, in my head, go to a deserted beach and talk about them with Maggie Lally. I wonder if she knows about this...
83. Unless something amazing happens that would change my mind (and yes, it would have to be pretty damn amazing), I don't want to get married. Ever. Or anything of the like. 
84. I can twist my right hand (or... arm? ) around 360° due to an incident with a violin case.
85. My favourite places in the UK are Edinburgh and Whitby.
86. I've somehow managed to have never broken a bone. Except maybe my little finger on my right hand, but that might just have been badly bruised.
87. I want to, one day, climb a mountain.
88. I once got Hydrochloric Acid in my left eye. My left eye is weaker than my right one, but that might not be connected.
89. I am scared of large crowds, to an extent, sometimes they don't bother me, but I am always, always scared of Mr. Blobby.
90. I very rarely eat breakfast.
91. If I could have any super power, I'd want to be able to climb like Spiderman.
92. I spend far too much time in my bedroom.
93. I like to eat sandwiches and will put nearly anything in them.
94. The best sweets I have ever tasted are Missä X. I like them more than I like Nerds. However, the only place I can get them is Finland. This saddens me.
95. I am a massive fan of Lego, my favourite ranges being the old Pirate stuff from the 90s and the Explorians.

96. My favourite albums are Opheliac (Emilie Autumn), Pins and Needles (The Birthday Massacre), Like Drawing Blood (Gotye) and Geryl and the Great Homunculus (Insects vs. Robots)
97. I love Salla Juntunen. Yes I do.
98. I like beads. In fact, I have some in my hair. They make me feel like a pirate. Or a hippie.
99. It distresses me when people wander off in shops and the like, leaving me on my own, and I can't find them right away.
100. I once got attacked by a demon, maybe. Or a poltergeist. Or something like that. Never ever bother stone circle prisons. Ever. Trust me on this one!

And, well, there you go.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Music Box

I have nothing much of interest to blog about these days.
Or ever, for that matter.
But this is an idea I thought of in the car yesterday.

Music Box - Musics whut I like to listen to.

Emilie Autumn
What, you didn't know? Shame on you.
It's probably a bit over-dramatic to say "This woman changed my life!", but I'm going to say it anyway. Her music has gotten me through some pretty difficult times. She seemed to just be able to put into words (and music) just how I was feeling. That's the beauty of EA. Her music has emotion, and you can feel it.
I'm a Plague Rat and proud of it! I see people bashing EA, saying she's batshit crazy or whatever. Yes, she is, and she probably does over-react to most things, but that doesn't make her music any less brilliant.

The Birthday Massacre
Oh, TBM. Their music is quite pretty. Pretty?
Yes, pretty.
A couple of their songs, I could listen to them forever. Under the Stairs, Sleepwalking and Lovers End are among them.
I saw them live in October, and they were better than I could have imagined.
I've been listening to them since I was in first year at college, so... 4, 5 years? My second most listened to band after EA, if you pay attention to my

Jack Off Jill
For such a long time, JoJ was my favourite band. I'd listen to them and them only. They're not my favourite anymore. They're in a class of their own. The majority of the songs I can play on the bass are JoJ ones. Hell, I even hunted down the type of bass that Robin Moulder used so I could play them right, but never bought it, sadly.
Before I found JoJ, I barely listened to much music. I had a handful of CDs - the first Kasabian album, a couple of Bauhaus albums and one of Dimmu Borgir.  I'd listen to them on the bus and if I was walking around town on my own, but that was it.
JoJ kicked off my addiction. My CD shelf is nearly full and I can't go anywhere without my iPod.

Umm.... What?

I went to Sweden for New Years, you see. A month or so before I went, I was thinking "What's Swedish? ABBA are Swedish..." and dug out my parents copy of ABBA Gold. Turns out that years of BBC Radio 2, Magic FM and the like made me know most, if not all of their songs.
Also, Mamma Mia! is a genius musical. Yes it is.
I mention to  people that I like ABBA, and I get looks of >___>. They're good. End of.

A quite awesome Finnish band.
I don't know 99% of what they are saying (English versions of songs excluded), but I care not.
They make my ears happy.

Also, they're Finnish.

I sometimes find myself singing in Finnish. It baffles people.
This pleases me.

Dimmu Borgir
One of the two black/whatever metal bands I can stand (the other being Cradle of Filth)
I got into this band after having a crush on this goth boy, and found out that he quite liked them. I couldn't stick any of the other bands he liked, though.
After 6 years, most of the lyrics still just sound like throaty yelling to me. I like the music, however, and the overall vibe.
Sometimes, you just want to hear something that's all big and heavy.

Vermillion Lies / Kim Boekbinder
My apologies to Kim for not giving her a separate entry, but I'm not sure if I can write about her twice.
Vermillion Lies is the duo of Kim and Zoe Boekbinder, their songs being a mix of circus, folk and cabaret, among others.
They have some pretty damn fun songs, like Global Warming, The Astronomer and Circus Fish, the first two of which often get sung in the car to and from college.
The duo went their separate ways and, after quite a while of knowing that she had her own album, I got Kim Boekbinder's The Impossible Girl. I listened to it non-stop for a couple of days.

Now, I only have a few of their songs, but they deserve a mention since Miserable is second on my Top 25 Most Played on iTunes, and The Trouble and I always Hang Myself With The Same Rope are on there too.

A little bit of Dark Cabaret is good for any occasion.

As images become unruly after 7 or so, I'll perhaps do a Music Box #2 at a later date to get the others in.

Until next time, dear Reader,
Peace and love!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I have very much been neglecting my blog lately. Apologies.
So here's a vlog post.
I apologise for that too, it's dreadful.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Thoughts of a Bored Me

I'm sitting on the lovely purple sofa in the corner of the new extension at college, waiting for someone to finish their lesson so I can persuade them that they love me enough to suffer through a car journey with me and can put up with me, yet again, babbling about a certain Finn. Somehow, staying at college for an extra hour and a half seems better than getting the bus or the train.

Speaking of Finns, six weeks from now, I'll be in Finland. Only six weeks away. Five weeks, six days if you count the 2 hours 45 minutes I'll be there on the Wednesday. Oh, such wondrous joy!
But enough about that...

I really am just killing time here. I have no inspiration for anything interesting to write about. Just rambling along as usual. I do wish that the college would hurry up and decide to get wireless internet as the Bluetooth DUN, however useful, is slow and eats my phone battery like it's pie or something.
A photography tutor just walked past and asked me if I had an internet connection in here. Maybe that means that they are getting one?
But that's neither important or interesting.

Maybe I should be doing work; doing some design sketches or some research, or maybe trying to source more things for my costume project. The problem is, it's after 4. Can never work in college after 4. My brain just shuts off. That, and I don't have my wacom with me, so I can't do more sketches for costume. Bad stuff. Should always bring it with me, I guess.
And, point number three of why I can't do work right now is that all I have in my little noggin is, because I mentioned it a short while ago, Finland, Finland, Finland.
Oh, magickal creatures of whatever, oh, random fluctuation in the time-space continuum, oh, whatever I prayed to before and it worked, send me there now? Perhaps letting me go and get my jacket first, if you will. I imagine it's a fair bit chillier there than it is here in this corner. And maybe the power cable for my Macbook.

I could have a nap, I expect. I didn't go to bed until after 4 this morning, so it wouldn't be too unreasonable.

I could continue doodling in the back of my prop sketchbook. Then again, I got bored of that doodle.

I could go and get some chocolate?
Hmm... that sounds like a plan.

Wolfey Wolfster signing off, going on an adventure to the vending machine.

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