Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Music Box II: Things what are signed

A fair chunk of my spending recently, outside of college related things, has been on music. Going to gigs, buying merch, ordering a VIP ticket for an Emilie Autumn gig...
This, of course, means that I need a new Music Box post.

I'm going to call this one Things what are signed, for obvious reasons.

1. Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman 

Got this at the AFP gig I mentioned a few posts back. I wish I'd known Neil was going to be there, I'd have taken a book for him to sign for my sister. But oh well.

2. Angelspit

From April '10. Went to see them up in Sunderland. The pair of them were lovely - they wandered around for quite a while after the gig, talking to people and signing, well, everything.

3. The Birthday Massacre

October '10. Made a wee post about that gig way back then. I managed to get the setlist, and then hunted down all of TBM. It was harder than it sounds. Although they stayed (mostly) in the venue, they kept moving around, and not together, may I add. Got 'em all, though, and was super happy!

4. Ayria

Infest '10. Another lovely one! Jennifer Parkin is lovely. Seriously. Can't say much else about her. Oh, and she's good at singing. Of course. I have a signed poster too, but it's pretty much the same image.

5. Bitter Ruin

September '11. I bought ALL the merch. Seriously. I got that much merch that I filled up their little loyalty card and got given free merch. The first person to do that, too. That tour poster is extra good because it has the Edinburgh AFP date as well as the York one. It's like 'yeah, I saw them with Amanda Fucking Palmer as well.' I got a CD signed too, but that got posted off to Finland 'cause I'm nice like that.

6. Emilie Autumn

October '08. My first EA gig. My first gig on my own. And oh my god, it was amazing. This CD needs two photos because it's so freaking signed. I somehow managed to get first in the queue for signing that night, don't ask me how. I got quite a bit of time with her, which was fab, but it was also before the crumpets came out and joined her. But oh well. 

7. Abney Park

Following seeing Abney Park on Friday night (which was amazing, if you were wondering), I found myself at a signing on Saturday afternoon. Since I'd forgotten all of my money at home on Friday, I had no merch, nothing to sign. They were selling, though, their CDs. At a loss as to which one to get, I decided on, and I quote, ALL the CDs!

As I was thinking about which one to get signed, Jody piped up with "d'you want us to sign all of them?", with a smile.
"Uhh, sure, why not?" I answered, and the Airship Pirates set off a miniature production line. And there they are. Each as signed as the others.

I have a couple of other things, like a letter from Captain Maggots (wheeeeee! ), but I don't think those things especially count as 'things what are signed'.
So there you go.

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