Sunday, 20 March 2011

Music Box

I have nothing much of interest to blog about these days.
Or ever, for that matter.
But this is an idea I thought of in the car yesterday.

Music Box - Musics whut I like to listen to.

Emilie Autumn
What, you didn't know? Shame on you.
It's probably a bit over-dramatic to say "This woman changed my life!", but I'm going to say it anyway. Her music has gotten me through some pretty difficult times. She seemed to just be able to put into words (and music) just how I was feeling. That's the beauty of EA. Her music has emotion, and you can feel it.
I'm a Plague Rat and proud of it! I see people bashing EA, saying she's batshit crazy or whatever. Yes, she is, and she probably does over-react to most things, but that doesn't make her music any less brilliant.

The Birthday Massacre
Oh, TBM. Their music is quite pretty. Pretty?
Yes, pretty.
A couple of their songs, I could listen to them forever. Under the Stairs, Sleepwalking and Lovers End are among them.
I saw them live in October, and they were better than I could have imagined.
I've been listening to them since I was in first year at college, so... 4, 5 years? My second most listened to band after EA, if you pay attention to my

Jack Off Jill
For such a long time, JoJ was my favourite band. I'd listen to them and them only. They're not my favourite anymore. They're in a class of their own. The majority of the songs I can play on the bass are JoJ ones. Hell, I even hunted down the type of bass that Robin Moulder used so I could play them right, but never bought it, sadly.
Before I found JoJ, I barely listened to much music. I had a handful of CDs - the first Kasabian album, a couple of Bauhaus albums and one of Dimmu Borgir.  I'd listen to them on the bus and if I was walking around town on my own, but that was it.
JoJ kicked off my addiction. My CD shelf is nearly full and I can't go anywhere without my iPod.

Umm.... What?

I went to Sweden for New Years, you see. A month or so before I went, I was thinking "What's Swedish? ABBA are Swedish..." and dug out my parents copy of ABBA Gold. Turns out that years of BBC Radio 2, Magic FM and the like made me know most, if not all of their songs.
Also, Mamma Mia! is a genius musical. Yes it is.
I mention to  people that I like ABBA, and I get looks of >___>. They're good. End of.

A quite awesome Finnish band.
I don't know 99% of what they are saying (English versions of songs excluded), but I care not.
They make my ears happy.

Also, they're Finnish.

I sometimes find myself singing in Finnish. It baffles people.
This pleases me.

Dimmu Borgir
One of the two black/whatever metal bands I can stand (the other being Cradle of Filth)
I got into this band after having a crush on this goth boy, and found out that he quite liked them. I couldn't stick any of the other bands he liked, though.
After 6 years, most of the lyrics still just sound like throaty yelling to me. I like the music, however, and the overall vibe.
Sometimes, you just want to hear something that's all big and heavy.

Vermillion Lies / Kim Boekbinder
My apologies to Kim for not giving her a separate entry, but I'm not sure if I can write about her twice.
Vermillion Lies is the duo of Kim and Zoe Boekbinder, their songs being a mix of circus, folk and cabaret, among others.
They have some pretty damn fun songs, like Global Warming, The Astronomer and Circus Fish, the first two of which often get sung in the car to and from college.
The duo went their separate ways and, after quite a while of knowing that she had her own album, I got Kim Boekbinder's The Impossible Girl. I listened to it non-stop for a couple of days.

Now, I only have a few of their songs, but they deserve a mention since Miserable is second on my Top 25 Most Played on iTunes, and The Trouble and I always Hang Myself With The Same Rope are on there too.

A little bit of Dark Cabaret is good for any occasion.

As images become unruly after 7 or so, I'll perhaps do a Music Box #2 at a later date to get the others in.

Until next time, dear Reader,
Peace and love!


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