Thursday, 13 October 2011


I've got a bunch of draft-posts that I've started writing and then gave up on for one reason or another. I'm so ashamed of myself, not managing to write anything properly in a while. But hey, life likes to get in the way of things.
The last little chunk of 'life' that separated me from the world of blogging was a spontaneous 2-day trip down to London. Six and a half hours on a coach both ways, and I'm aching now. What was I thinking?
I planned my little trip with intention of doing some research for college, like hunting down street performers and visiting museums and such...
And I did, to an extent.

The plan was to go to Covent Garden as soon as I got into London, but that failed when I found myself automatically veering off towards the Gatwick Express.
"No," I told myself, "You're not going to Finland. You're in London. Go to Camden or something."
So I did.
After a mooch around the wonderful Camden (and buying an earring and resisting the temptation to go get my ear pierced again right there and then), I went to my usual hostel. At this point, I realised that I had a lot of time to kill since I didn't have my mac with me. Oh dear. What is a girl to do?

I went to see Wicked.

I managed to get a ticket for £24.50, and, upon securing that, I finally went to Covent Garden. And I did get some photos of street performers, which is like 'hey, well done! You've done what you came to do!', and then off to the Apollo Victoria I went.
So there I was, looking a bit scruffy with a huge bag on my back, and I decided to make the proceedings even classier by buying myself a blue slush to slurp merrily through the first act.
And oh, how I loved Wicked. Seeing a musical on my own seemed a little odd at first, but then, I do most things on my own. So that was ok. And who the hell cares, anyway?
I did have to make a phone call in the interval to express, with sounds that probably only bats could hear, how amazingly exciting I found everything. That, and to say that Elphaba and Glinda are, and I quote, "So gay for each other."
This was repeated after the show, and I headed back to the Clink.

The next day, I found myself, quite by accident, in the British Museum. Like you do. It was less than useful for my college work, so I went to go look at mummies instead. I would have gone to the V&A, but I couldn't remember which tube station was closest.
I ended up there, by the way, by again attempting to go to Covent Garden. I should probably work on my directional skills.
Then fun stuff happened.
While quite happily sitting on the floor in King's Cross, reading The Grimmerie, I got attacked so menacingly by the wonderful Marie and Gav. We ventured to Camden on a (thoroughly successful) Nerd hunt and wandered down by the canal, back along to King's Cross. Not too long after, they left me at Victoria station for my journey home.

And yes, I'm cutting this short as I am under orders to watch Pushing Daisies!
So, until next time....


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