Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Heisting Gothenburg

Beautiful readers!

Have you ever taken clothes from a dumpster in Sweden?

Now, there's a question.

My Nye friends - I moosh you all! And also Hrian.
Nearing the end of my stay in Gothenburg, we came across a bag of abandoned clothes. If I'd seen this back at home, I'd have ignored it.
However I came away with a blazer-jacket, two shirts and a pair of trousers. A whole outfit for free.
I ended up wearing those clothes for my last couple of days. The trousers were very welcome - My jeans were a tad ruined from sliding around on the ice, I had fallen out with my 'punk' trousers after they took skin off of my wrist during a Saya attack, and my black and white striped trousers were getting stuff all over them (but only on the white, of course). The blazer ended up being another layer because it wouldn't quite fit in my case, and I ended up wearing a shirt because I doubted that I would get all my clothes back in, since trousers take up a fair bit of space.
That's something I'm not going to forget - wandering around Gothenburg in 'stolen' clothes.
There are, of course, many things from that week that will linger in my mind, including;

Making proper Swedish Meatballs, and the inevitable, innuendo-filled comments that accompanied it.

  • "In my defence, I don't really have much experience with balls..."

My win during a game of Crobin that was so epic that it resulted in me winning The Game (you just lost it, btw)

  • [thinking] "I wonder how they'd react if I just pulled out a random card..."
  • Splits deck, pulls out a card, slams it down on the table.
  • Card is the Jack of Spades. You know, 'my' card.
  • O__O

Celebrating New Years three times in one night

  • 11pm, Finland. Midnight, Sweden. 1am, the UK (the real start of the New Year, of course.)

Being asleep on the sofa all night

  • All night. I swear.

Oh, my darling sofa-companion, so pretty and such a beautiful mind...
I could probably write that 'proper' prose post that I've been longing for if I focused only on you.
It would not be difficult.
You've taken up residence in my mind, and I do hope that you will choose to stay.


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