Saturday, 29 January 2011

A Tour...?

I have been spending a lot of time in my room lately, doing college work and also, since I have internet in here now,  talking on msn and the like. I felt like blogging, and since my room is the thing I know best...

The large drawing in the centre is a close-up of a two shilling coin that I did when I was in the Fine Art rotation on my Foundation course. The black and white photos (apart from the one of me, of course), are ones that I have taken and developed myself.
 The Emilie Autumn poster is one that I was given for free at my first gig after I'd spent over £100 on merch.

Nothing much to say about this bit. Books, CDs, Manga, DVDs, video games, random crap. And a traffic cone. And random things stuck in between.

The little table by the side of my desk. A slightly broken Singer sewing machine from 1938, a pile of books (Neverwhere, Coraline, WIcked and Whisper My Name), some lunch (with fork), an alarm clock that needs winding up, a pack of cards and other such things that are being untidy. In the background, those are my bass guitars, Jack (the black one) and Agent Moulder (the red one).
My desk is quite messy at the moment as I've been working. That sewing machine is Little Brother, dubbed 'my one true love' (is that still valid...?). Yes, that is a World of Warcraft poster on the wall. I got given it for free and want to replace it as soon as I've not played for a long time and I don't even have Lich King. In the middle is the program and various fliers from when I saw NoFitState Circus last year. Just to the left of that are various things from my Swedenventure, including boarding passes, the thing we had for airport internet and the pirate Jack of Spades.

I guess that's it, really. My bed is in the middle - Well, I say 'bed', I mean 'two mattresses on top of each other'. There's a big-ish television too, with freeview, an Xbox 360, Gamecube, PS2, PS1 and a DVD player.
The rest of it is just mess.

And there you go. That's my room.
Not that you were interested to begin with.


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