Thursday, 10 March 2011

Thoughts of a Bored Me

I'm sitting on the lovely purple sofa in the corner of the new extension at college, waiting for someone to finish their lesson so I can persuade them that they love me enough to suffer through a car journey with me and can put up with me, yet again, babbling about a certain Finn. Somehow, staying at college for an extra hour and a half seems better than getting the bus or the train.

Speaking of Finns, six weeks from now, I'll be in Finland. Only six weeks away. Five weeks, six days if you count the 2 hours 45 minutes I'll be there on the Wednesday. Oh, such wondrous joy!
But enough about that...

I really am just killing time here. I have no inspiration for anything interesting to write about. Just rambling along as usual. I do wish that the college would hurry up and decide to get wireless internet as the Bluetooth DUN, however useful, is slow and eats my phone battery like it's pie or something.
A photography tutor just walked past and asked me if I had an internet connection in here. Maybe that means that they are getting one?
But that's neither important or interesting.

Maybe I should be doing work; doing some design sketches or some research, or maybe trying to source more things for my costume project. The problem is, it's after 4. Can never work in college after 4. My brain just shuts off. That, and I don't have my wacom with me, so I can't do more sketches for costume. Bad stuff. Should always bring it with me, I guess.
And, point number three of why I can't do work right now is that all I have in my little noggin is, because I mentioned it a short while ago, Finland, Finland, Finland.
Oh, magickal creatures of whatever, oh, random fluctuation in the time-space continuum, oh, whatever I prayed to before and it worked, send me there now? Perhaps letting me go and get my jacket first, if you will. I imagine it's a fair bit chillier there than it is here in this corner. And maybe the power cable for my Macbook.

I could have a nap, I expect. I didn't go to bed until after 4 this morning, so it wouldn't be too unreasonable.

I could continue doodling in the back of my prop sketchbook. Then again, I got bored of that doodle.

I could go and get some chocolate?
Hmm... that sounds like a plan.

Wolfey Wolfster signing off, going on an adventure to the vending machine.


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