Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Defying Gravity

[---Written during a flight from Helsinki to Manchester---]

I should be writing an essay right now (and, in fact, I am), but I want to write down my thoughts as they come to me. It's going to be a fairly long flight, so I don't want to forget them. I've been on the plane about 45 minutes and I've nearly eaten a whole bag of Missä X. It's a little upsetting as they are super tasty and I won't be able to get any more until I go back to Finland, which will be god knows when. Ok, yes, I have another four packets in my case, but that's not the point. To begin with, I was munching them down to distract myself, to try to stop myself from crying again. It's the most painful thing, leaving your love behind in another country. Of course, that's understandable, understandable. Yes, it's perfectly understandable...

Something has changed within me, something is not the same….
Ahh, Wicked...
I'm now over half way through this essay, and my stomach is a little sore. Not the organ itself, but my skin. 
Serves me right, I guess. My back is tingling a bit too, but that is ever so lovely. Not especially looking forward to having to carry my college bag again, but I guess we're both in the same boat with that one!

71% done and I just want to sit and stare out of the window. It's a little difficult as my back isn't really agreeing with the twisting, and also it's dark out there and all I can see is the red flashing light at the end of the wing. It's nothing like when we took off from Helsinki-Vantaa airport when I could see the city below and waved goodbye to such a lovely country, or rather 'I'll see you soon.' There's no way I can stay away from there for too long. I just couldn't. Now now.

The plane is turning now and there's that slight disorienting feeling. I'm not sure where I am at all, but there was an announcement about putting up the drinks trays for landing. Can't be landing soon, it's only 21:30. That's English time. Feels like 23:30. I'm a little sleepy. I wonder how I'm going to be able to stay awake until 06:00 tomorrow to catch the megabus… Just keep writing, I guess. There's no way I can really fall asleep in the airport anyway. Would they even let me stay there all night? I'll just have to find out when it comes to that. Having to stay awake, though, means I have to write my essays since I'll have nothing else to do. Can't even go on the internet because it'll a) cost me money and b) kill my battery. Can't imagine that the airport would let me plug in my mac anywhere. Ho hum.

Oh, I'm so tired. This isn't fair.
Well, saying that, I should have wrote my essays before I went away to Finland, or even written more while I was there. 
I did try to write while I was there, but I just wanted to be with Salla all the time, and writing an essay is, well… not being with her. Just writing that now is making me get all teary-eyed again. Oh, what am I going to be like tomorrow when people ask me about my trip?

I wonder if they sell iPods for a decent price at the airport….
Seatbelt sign is on, and we're going down.

Hello England.


Sally Slander said...

Waaaaa, I miss you ;__; <3 I'm in photography class now, being sad and tired ._. I just keep thinking about youuuuuuu <3 *snuggleeees* Come back soon, okay?

October Wolfe said...

I will, I promise ;__; <3

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