Friday, 29 April 2011

Mannequin Love

As you may know, I am an art student.
No, I don't throw paint around or sketch nudes or anything like that.
I design costumes.
Props, too, but I'm hoping to specialise in costume design.

The course BA(hons) is Entertainment Design Crafts, the place is Cleveland College of Art and Design. It's a nice little college up in the North East of England. Apparently, people don't expect us to be there, thinking that all the art colleges are in the south.

But yes.

Ents is a rather fun place. A couple of days ago, a few mannequins appeared out of one of the store rooms, perhaps. In bits.
Eventually, they were put together. Before that, however...

Well, would you have expected anything less?
Of course a disembodied arm is going to be having its way with a nude mannequin.

It's an art college.


Merlina ~♥~ said...

Hello my name is Karla and I am a student of costume design. I must say that I love art in general and is in that search that they like me. Good luck in your career and look forward to reading more about your work! Greetings!

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