Sunday, 8 May 2011


On Friday, I was sitting in the Teesside University SU with people from the cast and crew of Return to the Forbidden Planet. We were having some food and drinks before going over to the main hall to set up for the show when the stage manager asked me a question.

"How do you cope?"

This came shortly after I was asked if I'd had a good time in Finland, and I'd told them about my plans to go back there and to Belgium.
It was quite a difficult question. The only answer I could give was "I have no idea."

Have you ever been sat alone in your house, bored, and thought "Oh, I'll go and see my girl/boy/whatever-friend", or wanted to go and watch a film with someone, or just simply wanted a hug?
Well, that's my everyday dilemma. I have to continue just sitting on my own.

It gets hard, of course it does, but it feels so amazing when you get to see your love after three months of waiting. I hear people whining because they haven't seen their whatever for three days. They'll never know the joy that I feel when I get to hold my dear Salla in my arms.

That is how I cope, I guess. Love keeps me strong.

Here's to you, sweetheart <3

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