Thursday, 23 June 2011


On this map, I have dotted the places I have been to. 
Though, saying that, there are plenty more places in the UK that I've been to, but adding them all would just be a pain, especially on a map of this size.
Outside of the UK, though, I only have five dots. Five! Two in France and one in Cyprus, Sweden and Finland. Cyprus was my only real 'holiday' abroad. France was a school trip and Sweden and Finland were more 'visiting people' than 'holiday'. In my family, we were never big on foreign holidays 'cause they cost so much. Instead, we would go somewhere in England, Scotland or Wales in our caravan. 
My parents, however, have been all over the place in recent years. Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Italy and a Mediterranean cruise. They went to Switzerland many years ago and once my dad went to South Africa.
I'm kinda jealous of them. 
Ok, I'm going to Belgium in July, and back to Finland, but even with the added dots that my Summerventure will give me, my map will still be so empty. It makes me want to go places like Russia, Switzerland and Germany. If I did that, my dots would soon get more spread out. 

But, of course I have the travelling bug, I'm in my early twenties! That's when people go backpacking across Europe, right?
A friend of mine has already been 'Eurotripping', and she's been to Cambodia and Thailand.

I want to travel the world some day. I want to see everything.

In other news, I got some weights today from a friend. Big, proper weights. Now I have no excuse for such feeble upper body strength. Gonna work out with these and I'll be super-good at trapeze in no time!


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