Wednesday, 7 December 2011


I've seen posts of things on all sorts about what people keep in their bag. Now, I change bags a lot. Instead, I thought 'Hey, why not do a post about the things I keep in the pockets of my jacket." The jacket itself is a little interesting - It's a suit jacket/ blazer, and I got it from a dumpster in Gothenburg, Sweden, on the second of January or something. Either way, it's super cool. And has quite large pockets. 

  • Plastic Duck - I found this on the floor last night on the way back from the cinema
  • Superworld Unknown - A solid perfume from Lush in Covent Garden. Got it on my Londonventure.
  • Train Tickets (i) - Return from Middlesbrough to Hartlepool, ie. My town to my college town.
  • Ticket Stub (i) - From An Early Burly Christmas - a Burlesque pantomime
  • Warheads - From Amy when she went to London with college. Oh, how I love warheads.
  • Salmiakki - The strangest type of liquorice I've ever eaten. But it's lovely. And Finnish. And this box is actually from Finland. Helsinki-Vantaa airport, to be precise.
  • UHU - Super glue. Because you never know when you need to stick some things. Or maybe it's from carting things to and from college.
  • Nerf Darts - One of these is mine, the other two are from around the cinema in town. I do wonder who is having nerf fights out there...
  • Flyer - For The Hootchy Kootchy Roadshow which is apparently 'a burlesque spectacular'. Includes a 2 for 1 ticket thing.
  • Sweets - Liquorice/Aniseed lozenges. Because i am ill.
  • Half A Key - Found it in the road when I decided to walk the almost 4 miles home from the Teeside University Students Union. After midnight. I thought it was cool.
  • Ticket Stub (ii) - From the Headline Honeys burlesque show during Teesside Uni.'s Freshers.
  • Envelope - A tiny Christmas card! It's from Kristina, a friend from college and has Princess Cinderella on it. She does not, however, have a stupid, glittering body.
  • Train Tickets (ii) - Ticket from Middlesbrough to Hartlepool to see the Early Burly Christmas thing. And the receipt for said train ticket.
  • Wallet - Final Fantasy VIII Griever wallet that I got at Nemacon this year. Has useful things in it like my debit card, college card, TUS card, SubCard, Unlimited Card and English money. It also has not so useful things like 50 Kronor (Swedish) and 1 Dollar (USA). Ok, they are sort of useful, but not when you're in England.
  • Passport - Because I have no other form of ID, and you never know when you might want to flee the country.
EDIT: Also, just posted a couple of photos from my Cirquepunk college project over on, my design blog. Go look. They're pretty. 


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