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The ever lovely Jester of Misfortune
This is the bit where you all realise that I'm a freak.


I have dreams/daydreams about alternate versions of myself, from different dimensions or something There are only 5, but to me, it feels like there are lots, as one of them kept getting killed and reborn.

1. The Jester of Misfortune
I don't really know too much about this one. The Jester is from a dark, dark world that looks like it was made by Tim Burton. She brings misfortune not only to others, but herself too. My jester outfit from the EA gigs back in March is based off of this one.  Of course, that was the Jester with a bit of Victoriandustrial thrown in. The actual Jester wouldn't wear a corset (except maybe when she wanted to look particularly 'formal'). You just can't jest around the place while wearing a corset.

2. Sky Pirate Antella
Just because everybody needs a steampunk alter-ego, probably.

3. Unnamed Gargoyle Girl
Basically, a gargoyle who got magicked into being alive, losing most of the gargoyle-like appearance in the process. Possibly the Jester, who had the misfortune of getting turned into a stone creature at the top of some building. I'm not sure. They seem somewhat similar, only this one seems to be a bit more sinister and lacking in most emotions (but then, I'm sure you would after being turned into a gargoyle). Also, she has crazy acrobatic/climbing skills and could rip you apart in seconds.
Unnamed Gargoyle Girl didn't last long, however, as she was, against her will, merged with...

4. Araellus
Now, Araellus is a tricky one.
Arae is some kind of high-ranking battle mage from the Army of Chaos which was, at some point, taken over by the dark witch Magravine, who probably used her freaky mind-control powers to get it on her side.
Magravine and her minions were at war with Xarxes, who was the guy who was in charge of 'Light'. He was crazy powerful and had his own army of followers and his elite fighters known as The Guard. The legions of Order sided with Xarxes, just to balance things out, I imagine.
The two opposing sides, Light/Order and Dark/Chaos, would clash and have epic battles in which poor little Arae would end up getting killed trying to protect her mistress.
This is where is gets a bit tricky.
Araellus has had, so far, has had quite a few lives (I cannot remember how many, the exact number escapes me at the moment. 14, maybe?), but I'm not fully aware of all of them.
The first life of Araellus wasn't sided with anyone, just Chaos. Xarxes tried to get her on his side after telling her about her alignment with Chaos, but she told him to sod off and got stabbed to bits by the Guard ('cause she'd be a threat otherwise).
The second life got approached by Magravine, who got her to join the side of the Dark using her freaky mind control powers.
The fourth life was a man for some reason, perhaps because the third committed suicide. I forget.
The seventh had a fling with Morgan le Fae, which carried over to the eighth and ninth.
The ninth is the one I'm most aware of (apart from the epic battle of the last one). This one was probably the most powerful, rising to be the head of the Army of Chaos and Magravine's second in command. This is also the one that got merged with Unnamed Gargoyle Girl. At some point, she got sent on a mission to somewhere snowy (the place now called Alaska, I've been told), and got hunted down for what seemed like months (When it's dark and snowy and I'm on my own, I have images of standing on my own, my blood dripping into the snow. Consequently, I have issues with snow). This one died because she got turned into stone just before she would have struck down Xarxes with a fatal blow.
The last one (I forget the number), traded in her knowledge to a demon called Azaris to get a super-powered sword in a last-ditch attempt to kill that Xarxes fellow. needless to say, it didn't exactly work. Arae got killed yet again, but she took out most of the Guard (and a fair chunk of the underlings) before she went. I'm pretty sure that Azaris was a sneaky bastard and took knowledge from everyone, rather than just Araellus.

That brings us to me, being the **th life of this chaos battle mage, having no power whatsoever because a demon took away my knowledge of how to do anything.
'Xarxes' is one of my good friends. 'Magravine' is my ex, who turned out to be an evil, manipulative bitch (see how that fits just perfectly?). I imagine that there is a head of the Legions of Order, but I have no idea who that is.

5. Charlotte Lusk
This is the last one. A girl who got sent to an asylum for befriending the wrong person (a woman by the name of Elisa Emerson), who decided to try and have her way with the poor thing. When Charlotte refused and rejected her, Elisa had her sent away in fear that she would ruin her reputation.
Charlotte may or may not be a bit mad, however, as she strongly believed that the other 4 alts were actually her past lives.


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