Saturday, 20 November 2010


Ok, that's a photo from last week, but I didn't
take any this time.
Last night, I was at Sumo.
No, there were not large Japanese men pushing each other around.
To quote Facebook:

* Middlesbrough Empire.
* Every Friday.

5 Rooms!


So, there you go.
Last night was Jagerfest. Various Jager + mixer concoctions including Jager and Fanta (ooh, fruity!) and Jager and Tonic (this is what I drank across the Christmas holiday last year, omnomnom.).

Me and Stacey danced around like drunken fools. It was fun as we weren't properly drunk. Just enough alcohol to not be self-concious. However...
a) It's a well-known fact that I don't dance. At all. Or, at least I didn't dance until October 28th, so I have very little dancing skill.
b) Stacey likes to use me to make her girl-ex jealous. But, you know, whatever. It's fun.
c) Our 'dirty dancing', as Stacey dubs it, attracts creeper men. The kind that try to get you to make out in front of them. And then hit on you. Fucking creepers....
    c.i) However, it makes some people go away. Outside Empire, some guy came up to us, eyeing up Stacey and saying that his friend liked me. Without even blinking, Stacey replied with a simple "We're lesbians." He said we didn't look like lesbians, to which I got pulled into a smooch in reply. That seemed to satisfy him that he wasn't going to get anywhere, and the pair of them buggered off.

I kept attracting men last night. I suppose it's what most girls would want, but... You know...
There were the creeper guys, the creepy-looking guys, those two from outside and this other guy outside who grabbed my stomach as he walked past, saying "Had a good night, gorgeous?"

I think I need shorter hair.
Or bigger boots.


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