Friday, 12 November 2010

I checked my calendar.

Me, looking nice and short next to the one other
person who turned up to the WGW meet.
Wolfeyland seems most.... Well, 'typical' at the moment.

- Tutors are telling me that I have loads of talent, but I'm not doing nearly enough work.
- I spent a fair bit of time spazzing over somebody, but not having the guts to say anything to them.
- I spent the afternoon hitting a pair of boots with a hammer.
- I searched through god knows how many photos from Goth Weekend trying to find some of me. Shockingly enough, this time, some actually showed up.

Yes, the third one on there is something that happens fairy often.
Speaking of those boots, I quite fancy drawing/painting something on them. I don't really need two pairs of plain black DMs.

Anyway, I'm just blogging because I feel like I've not blogged in a while. Nothing much has occurred, really.
Except that Edgar is sick. Maybe. I'm not sure.
For those of you who don't know, Lord Edgar is my pet rat. I've had him for two and a half years now and, well... He's showing his age. Yesterday, he lost the use of his back legs. He was just dragging himself around his cage with his front feet, flopping down every so often when it got too much for him. He's looking better today - he's been walking normally again, but he's still pretty wobbly. In fact, at the moment, he's flopped down on the floor again.
I'm worried. I don't want to lose him.
Not counting any fish I have had (Oh, Howard! you little fishy murderer!), Edgar has been my first pet. I've not had to go through anything like this before...



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