Friday, 24 December 2010

Last Night of Calm?

I've dragged my Mac downstairs, typing away as I watch the new episodes of Peep Show that I somehow missed he first time around.
It occurs to me that this is going to be my last 'calm' night for a short while. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, meaning that my mum is going to be running around all day making various desserts and other tasty things (which I won't be able to eat until Saturday, bah!), my dad will be trying to be helpful and I'll be wandering around, generally getting in the way and putting purple chemicals on my head. Such fun.

Then there's Christmas Day, and once you think that there'll be an extra 7 people in the house, it kind of speaks for itself.

Boxing day, the all come back again to continue to be social and eat leftovers. Oh, tasty leftovers! I like Christmas leftovers so much more than 'Christmas Food'. I mean, when else can you viably make a sandwich with two kinds of stuffing or use butter as a dip?

The day after that, I'll be running around like a mad thing, getting stuff together for New Years.

The day after that, I'll be bus-ing it up to Edinburgh, meeting up with Phoe and bumming around the airport.

After that? With any luck, I'll be in Sweden.
I have no idea what it's going to be like for that week over in Swedenland, but I'm sure I'm not going to have a night where I'll be sat cross-legged with a Mac on my lap, watching a short marathon of a selection of comedy programmes.

And oh, how completely, non-sarcastically glad I am!


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