Friday, 17 December 2010

Wolfey and Ridiculousness

I am a juiceaholic.
I am addicted to juiceahol.
Oh my, what a fun day I've had.

Yes, it did start with me waking up at a ridiculous time for me, ie. 6am, but that resulted in me having a whole bottle of juice.

It also meant that I was awake enough to read the text from my sister, which promised free lunch if I met her in town for a mooch around the shops.
There was much mooching indeed. 80% of the time was her looking at clothes for either herself or her boyfriend (who is, apparently, completely incapable of buying clothes, and if left to his own devices would "probably come home in furs or be running around outside naked with a club").

OMG, tea!
My reward for putting up with all of this uninteresting shopping was £15 to go and spend in one of Middlesbrough's wonderful little shops - the Pop Up Studio.
The council has this thing going - 'We Are Open' - In which they let out empty shops to crafty-folk for short periods of time. At the moment, one of the units has jewellery and sock creatures. Yes. Sock creatures. And they're fantastic.
The two of us got three little sock-dudes - Pumpkin, Rhino and Muffin, the second and third of which will be coming with me to Sweden.

(Just searched on google - the girl who made them goes to my college. I think. Woah. Actually, I think I met her that time I was being ridiculous and hiding behind a table from Caroline's possible words to someone else.)

Following that, there was a little bit more shopping for clothes, and then was that free lunch I'd been promised. We talked about going to Oodles for some noodles as we'd somehow never been, but instead ended up in a wonderful little tea house.
I didn't even know Middlesbrough had a tea house, never mind a tea house with "over 60 World Teas" and home-made cake.
We got a seemingly endless pot of Autumn Tea (which actually did taste like Autumn - like trees and leaves and things), and I got myself thoroughly covered in stickiness from a couple of crumpets with honey.
Om nom.

Now, that doesn't sound like there was nearly enough ridiculousness in my day to warrant that word being used in my title.
And no, there wasn't really.
But another apparently ridiculous thing, disapprovingly ridiculous, even, is keeping me quite happy.
To my disapprovers - Up yours! I don't care about your disapprovingness. 



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