Thursday, 23 December 2010

Survival Horror

Me being Pyramid Head. Please excuse my
rather crap pyramid. Next year's version
will be epic. Oh yes...
Yesterday, finding myself with little to do, I switched on my XBox and started playing Silent Hill: Homecoming. I got this game in Asda a while back, wanting to have my own copy of the game. I had played it at a friend's house previously, but I never got to finish it.
It's a bit bad, really, that I had the game for so long without playing it. I often say that Silent Hill is my favourite game series, you see. Though, that statement is a bit bad in itself.
Yes, I love Silent Hill and yes, I own all of the games, even a 'black label' version of the original, but I have only completed SH1 and Origins. I've played quite far though SH2, but never finished it. I've played a fair way into Shattered Memories, but I stopped when the summer happened and never managed to finish it. SH3 and 4 have never even been taken out of their boxes.
I love this series enough to cosplay as Pyramid Head at Halloween, but no enough, it seems, to play the games.
Terrible, really, isn't it?

I say I love survival horror games, which is also true, but again, I hardly play them. There's the afore-mentioned Silent Hill, but then I've also got Resident Evil, RE: Code Veronica X and RE4, all sitting along side Alone In The Dark and Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare. Again, none of these have seen the light of day (except RE, but I kept getting killed by the first and/or second monster I came across and, consequently, got fed up. That and I couldn't figure out the controls.) I've played a few of those games, like my sister's boyfriend's copy of RE4 on the Wii, but never my own copies.

And then there's Haunting Ground.
Haunting Ground was amazing, but I stopped playing it.
"Why?", you may ask.
Because I was playing it one night in the dark. My parents were out, meaning I was the only person in the house.
I can't remember what it was, exactly, but something in that game scared the hell out of me. Maybe it was all the tension and atmospheric fear building up and it all got too much, but that last time that Debilitas caught up to me and the screen blacked out, leaving only the sound of my character's bones crunching, I couldn't play anymore. I immediately turned off my Playstation, unplugged it and ran upstairs to my room, turning all of the lights on as I went.

Any other game I've played, may it be Silent Hill, Resident Evil, F.E.A.R, or any game with some kind of zombie-like creatures in it, I could quite happily pop them in the appropriate console and play them to my heart's content.
But Haunting Ground?
There's no way that's even coming out of the box unless I have someone sitting next to me that I can hide behind when Debilitas comes to find me.


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