Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Jekyll and Hyde

Here I am, blogging from my brand new and shiny MacBook.
I decided to name it Hyde because, when pratting about with the bluetooth on it and my phone, I was bloody amused by the possibility of 'Hyde' pairing with 'Jekyll'. I've had Jekyll as a bluetooth name for ages, so...
And I used it at college for actual work. I took notes with it instead of writing in my notebook, intending to type up the notes and then for getting about them.

But enough about my MacBook.

I have almost succeeded in spreading the plague to a friend of mine from college. On the way in this/yesterday morning, I subjected her to Best Safety Lies in Fear, 4 O'Clock, Misery Loves Company and Let the Record Show (proceeded with, of course, Everything Stops For Tea).
As well as this, after 3 gig videos, she's almost a Pyrate.
Man, I'm good...
What were the videos?
Maggots singing Spongebob (she played Spongebob on her phone so I retaliated)
Maggots hooping to DITNA
Veronica fan-dancing to Dominant

After seeing Maggots and fire, she went 'pfft...' at VeVa.
And this girl is a big burlesque fan.

Next, I'll have to shove Geryl and the Great Homunculus into her car stereo.


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