Friday, 1 October 2010

Purple on my brain

I bought a Macbook today. After at least 3 years of drooling over them, I gave in. I admit, I did hate the curvy look of the new Macbooks, but when I went down to PC World today, I just fell in love with it. Sod the curves. It's still a Macbook. I'm £910 down with the added 'Wolfey is stupid and will break her new plaything' cover, but, hell, it's worth it.

The first thing I'm doing when I fetch my currently un-named lovely will be to transfer my music over. If you have iTunes and an iPod, it's only sensible to run them from your Mac. Speaking of iTunes...

That's my Top 25. My computer recently got reformatted and... well... The Birthday Massacre are practically all I've listened to (with a wee bit of Ayria thrown in for good measure, of course.).

I bet you couldn't guess that I'm seeing TBM in 16 days...

In other news, I'm back for my second (or third, if you count Foundation) year at CCAD. Back to costume and prop making I go!
Got a couple of nice looking projects this time - Design and make (but only make the whole thing if you want to) a Chinese Opera style costume based off a myth/legend and design/make a character for a children's television programme. I just know that second one will be fuelled by my injokes and doodles. And the first one? Well, that's just obvious.


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